10/11/14: A boy and his puck [X]

October 13, 2014 — Anne Schleper practices with the Tampa Bay Lightning


⭐every player in the nhl⭐

Brendan Gallagher // Montreal Canadiens


what’s your goal?

It just became hockey once I started going. At first coach asked me if I was nervous. I was like, “Yeah absolutely! I don’t want to mess anything up. These guys have a game tomorrow. I just want to slide in and pretend I’m one of the guys.” And I had a lot of fun doing that. — Hilary Knight, 10/3/14 [x].

US Olympian Anne Schleper practices with TBL


A youth team was sitting near the Blades bench.  Once Ott went on, Gen was on door duty and made friends, and the kids started sharing their candy by passing it around the glass.  So when Hilary scored, she was rewarded with gummy worms.

10/12/14 Sabres @ Blackhawks: Captain the Most Graceful
larry gives pricey some love

Mr. Sharp, Damien, a minute to air. We’re just sending in hair and makeup. (x)